About TPM

The AIDC Eastern Cape Total Productive Maintenance programme has succeeded in optimising local suppliers towards global levels of competitiveness. Through the relentless pursuit of Overall Equipment Effectiveness improvement, the TPM cluster has managed to save in excess of R7 million among 6 suppliers over a four month period.

The effectiveness of the programme structure and content has been lauded favourably by industry and the respective associations. The objective of the programme is to work towards an 85% OEE level for suppliers leading to greater local content and subsequent foreign direct investment into the region. As the AIDC, we are committed to making this a reality. With the rise in cost pressures, it I becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to be vigilant in their drive towards process excellence. TPM serves as an ideal framework to achieve this.

TPM in South Africa is the beginning of a journey that will drive down costs and increase the global competitiveness of suppliers.

The TPM programme runs over three years after which suppliers apply for TPM certification, which is one of  the most highly regarded business excellence certifications with global OEM’s currently.

The expectation is that after full implementation machine stoppages would be reduced by up to 80% at participating suppliers and subsequently quadruple plant capacity.

This represents substantial cost savings – given that a single line stoppage creates significant losses in productive time, rejects, cost and delivery issues, especially when that delivery is just in time to a supplier or OEM.