Welcome to TPM Club SA

The TPM cluster programme was kicked-off in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth, January 2013, comprising of 6 automotive companies. Focus over the first three months of the TPM programme consisted of dedicated AIDC resources walking hand in hand implementing policy deployment within the respective companies, motivating the employees to ensure total employee involvement, workshops and training sessions at all levels, production studies to identify the 6 big losses, creating the required visual management environment in line with the JIPM standards and most important creating a baseline to measure KPI’s to ensure progress and sustainability going forward.
Results from various problem solving activities created excitement within the cluster and it was not long before other companies within Port Elizabeth and then East London wanted to join the cluster to participate in the TPM programme.
Towards the end of 2014 the AIDC had TPM programmes launched within companies all over South Africa, 12 companies, consisting of 7 from Port Elizabeth and 5 from East London. The TPM programme spread through the Prime Programme launching TPM in various provinces such as the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Word of the success of the programme spread quickly were companies wanted to see their suppliers and customers participating in TPM based on the enormous impact it has within the companies. All the companies have various kick-off dates but follow the same programme. The AIDC ensures a successful programme through having the JIPM TPM and CII aboard to meet with international TPM standards.
The AIDC Total Productive Maintenance programme has succeeded in optimising local suppliers towards global levels of competitiveness. Through the relentless pursuit of Overall Equipment Effectiveness improvement, the TPM cluster has managed to save in excess of R16 million from kick off till August 2014.